Hate Crime in New York: Sikh man killed in new york over car accident

A shocking story came up from New York where a heinous act claimed the life of a Sikh man. Reportedly, a Sikh man died after an assault over a car crash. According to the reports, it is the second incident in the span of one week when a Sikh man lost his life in the assault. The victim (Sikh man) who died due to assault after a car accident was identified as Jasmer Singh. Since Jasmer Singh’s death news broke out, it has been trending all over social media. What happened to Jasmer Singh? Everyone is keen to know about the incident that happened to him. Let’s delve deep into the details and unravel more information about him.

Sikh man

Yes, you heard it right, a Sikh man identified as Jasmer Singh was killed in a car crash. Reportedly, Jasmer Singh who was 66 years of age succumbed to his injuries after he was assaulted in New York over a minor car accident that happened in Queens. Reports have claimed that Jasmer Singh’s car collided in Queens and he was assaulted in New York where he died of his injuries. Who assaulted Jasmer Singh? To know this take a look below at the following section.

The authorities have identified the suspect as Gilbert Augustin who is currently 30 years old. As per the reports, Gilbert Augustin’s car was involved in a minor crash with Jasmer Singh’s car in Queens for which he assaulted him. The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams deeply condemned the incident and also assured Sikh people to give them protection. Eric Adam wrote on X, “Jasmer Singh loved his city and deserved so much more than his tragic death. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I want our Sikh community to know you have more than our condolences. You have our sacred vow that we reject the hatred that took this innocent life and we will protect you. Our team will be meeting with Sikh leaders this week to discuss the needs of this critical community in this challenging moment.”

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Jasmer Singh’s car crashed with another car on Thursday when Singh also tried to call the police but Augustin snatched his phone. Then they got involved in an argument and when Singh went back to his car Augustin assaulted him in the head and face. Police arrested Gilbert Augustin on Friday about two miles from the scene.

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