Where Is Harmony Montgomery’s Brother? Who Are Jonathan Bobbitt and Blair Miller

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the story of Harmony Montgomery came to light. Harmony Montgomery was probably the most unfortunate and unlucky daughter of the decade as she was brutally killed by her dad. Taking the heinousness to an extent, Harmony Montgomery’s father kept transporting her butchered body to several hiding places for months until he discarded it like yesterday night’s trash. His shocking deeds came to light when Harmony Montgomery’s mother Kayla Montgomery testified in the court. Amid discussion over the circumstances surrounding the death of Harmony Montgomery, the attention has shifted to Harmony’s brother. Where he is? As both parents are currently held in jail and standing trials, people have become curious to know where is Harmony’s brother. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, this article is for you. Stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Scroll down.

Harmony Montgomery
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Where Is Harmony Montgomery’s Brother?

Harmony Montgomery was just 5 years of age when her monstrous father killed her in a heinous act of violence. The culprit father of Harmony Montgomery is known as Adam Montgomery. Harmony was born in New Hampshire to her biological father Adam Montgomery and her mother. But her parents separated and she was with her father who chipped her body parts after killing her in a turn of violent acts. After butchering Harmony Montgomery’s body parts, Adam hid her body parts in the restaurant’s freezer where he worked as a cook.

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These shocking revelations came to light when Harmony Montgomery’s mother Kayla Montgomery testified on Friday while standing trial. She broke into tears and revealed that her estranged husband Adam Montgomery killed Harmony Montgomery in 2019. Adam is accused of brutally killing 5-year-old Harmony in 2019.

Jonathan Bobbitt And Blair Miller Adopted Harmony Montgomery Brother Jamison
Jamison, Harmony’s brother, symbolizes reform in foster care after tragedy. (Image Source: Fox News)

33-year-old Kayla explained the gruesome circumstances surrounding the death of Harmony Montgomery. She said Adam killed Harmony by beating her head when he flew in rage on December 7. When the girl died, Adam filed her into a duffel bag and kept moving the butchered body parts at different places such as a restaurant freezer, in the ceiling of a shelter, and an apartment refrigerator.

Kayla Montgomery admitted to assisting Adam Montgomery as he cut the clothes off of Harmony’s decaying corpse and showered hot water on the girl’s corpse so the decomposition could speed up by using lime. “I saw her in the bathtub still folded together, the same way that she was left in the bag when Adam got her out of the car. She just looked like she had just barely any skin, she was just layers of skin and bone and she was all bruised up.”

Jamison is the brother of Harmony Montgomery who is grappling with the aftermath of his sister’s gruesome killing that shook the entire nation. It is said that Jamison who is younger than Harmony Montgomery, has been adopted by Johnathan Bobbitt and Blair Miller. The adoptive parents of Harmony Montgomery’s brother are known for being outspoken advocates for foster care reform. Blair Miller and Bobbitt Miller have identified institutional flaws that contributed to Harmony’s unfortunate outcome, such as a lack of communication and oversight among siblings in foster care.

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Speaking of the biological parents of Harmony Montgomery, she was the daughter of Crystal Sorey and Adam Montgomery. When her mother, Crystal, started struggling with drug addiction, her custody was given to Adam who is married to Kayla which turned into an ill fate for Harmony and ended up with her brutal killing. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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