Hanmer Accident: Sudbury police investigating motorcycle crash

This is to inform you that a fatal accident happened in Greater Sudbury on Friday evening. As a result of a catastrophic tragedy that occurred in Greater Sudbury, a member of the community of Hanmer was cut short of his life. Since this fatal accident happened in the Greater Sudbury community of Hanmer on Friday evening, people have been extending their warmest condolences to the family of the deceased. While some are keen to know what was the cause of the fatal accident. Reportedly, it was a multi-vehicle accident that happened on Friday, September 22, 2023. To know the details shared by the authorities after the preliminary investigation, you need to follow this column till the end. Continue reading this article.

Hanmer Accident
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One Person Dies In Hanmer Accident

According to the initial investigation, the fatal collision happened between the two vehicles at the intersection of Dominion Drive and Municipal Road 80 in the Greater Sudbury community of Hanmer. Shortly after receiving the emergency call, the Greater Sudbury Police Service responded to the scene along with the Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services and Greater Sudbury Fire Services, where the emergency personnel found a pickup truck and a motorcycle crashed. As mentioned, it was a multi-vehicle collision, it involved two vehicles, a pickup truck and a motorcycle. Not to mention, the person who died in this accident was driving a motorcycle.

Who died in the Hanmer accident?

We are extremely saddened to share the news of a person’s tragic death after a multi-vehicle crash in Greater Sudbury. Reportedly, the deceased was the driver of the crashed motorcycle. When the Greater Sudbury Paramedics Service responded to the scene, the motorcycle driver was lying unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Initially, his identity was known to the authorities. Therefore, his name was mentioned in the earlier reports shared by the Greater Sudbury Police Services.

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However, it is confirmed that the deceased was a 46-year-old man. He was taken to Health Sciences North following the crash. GSPS announced, “His name will not be released out of respect for the family’s wishes.” Talking about the driver of the pickup truck that crashed with the motorcycle at the intersection, he did not sustain any serious injury. He was left with only minor injuries. Therefore, he was provided with the treatment at the scene by the paramedics. Police announced, “Dominion Drive West roadway closed both ways. Police, fire, and EMS (emergency medical services) on scene.”

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