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The under-19 World Cup always has been as interesting as the senior World Cup tournament, where young talents from different nations show their potential. Many young players have already gained notoriety for their standout performance in the U-19 World Cup. But a batsman of England’s U-19 team, named Hamza Shaikh, made headlines for some weird reasons as he was given out for obstructing the field. Yes, you heard it right, Hamza Shaikh was sent back to the pavilion for obstructing the field during the Under-19 World Cup match against Zimbabwe. This incident did not take long to take the cricket world by storm and became a topic of discussion as cricket enthusiasts are sharing their opinions on this incident. Keep reading this article for more details.

Hamza Shaikh
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Who Is Hamza Shaikh? England U-19 Batsman Given Out For Obstructing Field

Needless to say, citing reasons obstructing the field while giving out to any batsman has always been controversial. The same transpires during the match between England and Zimbabwe when the umpire gave out England batsman for obstructing the field. What happened has been explained in the next section. Since this incident took place, cricket enthusiasts have been debating on social media where they have shared their opinions over the decision of the umpire.

Hamza Shaikh was batting in the 17th over when he defended a ball down by his feet when the opposition’s wicketkeeper Ryan Kamwemba began to come to collect the ball from behind the wickets. But the ball had fallen to the ground and was at rest between the legs of Hamza Shaikh in the crease. Thus, England batsman Hamza Shaikh picked the ball up and gave it to the wicketkeeper which we have seen very often batsman doing the same. But this time, the umpire found it an obstruction to the field and he gave out to Hamza Shaikh. Although Zimbabwe’s wicketkeeper and fielder appealed for it before the umpire gave out.

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The on-field umpires send the decision to the third umpire Nigel Duguid who after analyzing the scene gave out to Hamza Shaikh. England’s star batsman Sam Billing took to Twitter and shared a clip of the video with the caption “Wow”. Late last year Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim was given out for obstructing the field in a Test match against New Zealand when he punched the ball away after defending it down into the crease. Stay tuned.

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