Hamas attack: Adani Ports to JPMorgan to FedEx; how global companies in Israel reacted

The surprise attack by Hamas on Israel has shaken up the entire world right now. Now from JPMorgan to Adani Ports to FedEx have been reacted. Right now many global companies have temporarily shut down some of their operations in Israel and also they have asked their employees to work from their homes regarding the shocking weekend attack by Hamas, which is a Palestinian Islamist group. Now there are some steps taken by companies ranging from airlines to banks. To learn about all those companies scroll down to the next paragraph and learn everything and do not miss any line if you want to know everything.

Adani Ports to JPMorgan to FedEx

The first category is Travel, Many Asian, European, and United States airlines have currently suspended flights to Tel Aviv. first company in travel is Delta Air Lines, the airline has claimed that they continuously monitoring the events in the region and they have made a big decision to cancel the Delta-operated Tel Aviv flights from 31st October 2023. Second is EI AI, This airline has claimed that they are going to run many flights to take reservists back to Israel to help the biggest mobilization in the history of the entire country. Scroll down to know more.

The third company is Royal Caribbean. The cruise operator has now claimed that it is for adjusting several itineraries in the entire area and now the guests who are included have been notified. The fourth company is Carnival, The cruise liner has stated that it has now adjusted its cruise itineraries and it is not making calls to Israel in this situation. The next category is Oil Majors, Chevron: This is the second number of United States oil and gas producers which has been instructed by the Israel energy ministry to close the Tamar natural gas field off the country’s northern coast. This information was shared by a Company spokesperson yesterday.

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The second category is Banks, in which the first is JPMorgan Chase, now the Wall Street bank has asked for more than 200 employees in Israel to work from home.  The second bank is Goldman Sachs, the bank employees have an official office in Tel Aviv and have been asked the work from home. The third bank is Bank of America, The Tel Aviv office is going to remain closed for the time and the bank is going to continue to monitor the situation in the upcoming days. The last bank is Morgan Stanley, the bank has an office in Israel and they have said their staff to start working from home for this time.

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