Hades 2: What is Known So Far About the Supergiant Games Sequel?

Waiting for the Hades 2 release date with bated breath? After Hades’s meteoric rise in popularity, players are eager to see what Supergiant Games has in store for the sequel to this smash indie blockbuster.

The Game Awards 2022 was the debut of the mythical roguelike game. Hades 2 is Supergiant Games’ first attempt at a sequel, despite the studio’s track record of critical acclaim. Due to the original Hades’ inclusion on our greatest PC games list, we have high hopes for the sequel. And now that we’ve gotten through the filler, let’s examine the Hades 2 trailers, plot, and gameplay that have been released so far.

Hades 2
Hades 2

Hades 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Hades 2 as of this writing. The developers at Supergiant Games have promised to reveal the game’s release date once development is nearing completion.

Early access on PC will be made accessible for Hades 2 just like it was for the original game. As with the original, we anticipate Hades 2 on the PC, Switch, Xbox One X/S, and PS5.

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Hades 2 Trailer

The Game Awards 2022 premiered the first and only trailer for Hades 2, which was seen to date. An animated prologue starring Melino, the game’s main character, kicks things off. She’s up against Hecate, the Greek goddess who seems to be guiding Melino toward the path of witchcraft. After Zeus’ defeat at Hecate’s hands, the two of them exchange a few words before each saying, “Death to Cronos,” referring to the leader of the Titans and the father of Zeus, Hades, and their siblings, Cronos.

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The trailer for Hades 2 may be viewed down below:

YouTube video

The trailer’s second half is dedicated to actual gameplay footage, showcasing some of the additional content available to gamers. In addition, some of the playable deities, such as Apollo, Nemesis, and Moros (the son of Nyx), are introduced. Still, the trailer’s closing scene shows a chained Hades warning Cronos and Melino’s promise to free him.

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