GTA 5 Patch Notes Made Public – New Title Update Released Across All Platforms

Grand Theft Auto V has received a new update, and Rockstar Software has released it for nearly all platforms. Rockstar published a new patch for Grand Theft Auto V earlier this month, which was exclusive to PC and enhanced the game’s security features.

Now, as February 2023 comes to a close, a bigger title update has been released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This update is meant to fix some small problems with the popular open-world game.

Right now, GTA V players can grab the latest patch, version 1.66. Although it’s a “title update” for GTA V, this patch doesn’t add anything compared to others we’ve seen in the past.

This update is intended to address a number of issues with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X editions, as well as bring “stability improvements” for all platforms.

We have covered a lot of games, so if you’re interested you may read the patch notes of the games we’ve already talked about:

Since GTA Online is Grand Theft Auto V’s perpetual live service, it stands to reason that many of the updates introduced in this patch are also related to it.

Whether or not Rockstar has more substantial changes in store for GTA Online in the future is unclear, but rest assured that we will keep you updated on any relevant information as it becomes available in the weeks and months ahead.

All the information about the new Grand Theft Auto V patch can be found on Rockstar Games’ official support page. If you’re interested, we’ve included the update notes for Grand Theft Auto V below as well.