GTA Online Announces Upcoming New Update & and Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online’s upcoming update, due on June 13, has been completely unveiled. The new version will include new content as well as some adjustments to improve the playing experience. Despite its age, Grand Theft Auto Online receives regular updates that introduce new events, objectives, and enhancements to the game.

Dr Dre’s The Contract and Los Santos’ Drug Wars both received major feature updates, adding new ways to earn money, unlocked improvements, and a series of tasks to complete. While Rockstar Games remains tight-lipped about the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA Online appears to be ready to keep series fans engaged and excited about the game.

Gta Online Announces Upcoming

The latest upgrade, GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries, will challenge gamers to battle Merryweather and “other dangerous adversaries.” Players will be able to join the Los Santos Angels, an organization whose objective is to bring down Merryweather and its efforts to eliminate competition in the criminal underground.

Charlie Reed, a GTA Online NPC, will return to guide players through missions ranging from hacking data to utilizing explosives to blow up targets across Los Santos. The Mammoth Avenger will receive significant upgrades as part of the new DLC, including a full Operations Terminal and weapon improvements.

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Players will now be able to buy and utilize the Avenger without the need for a hangar, allowing them to spend their GTA$ on purchasing and developing the aircraft rather than a location to store it. Those who already possess or plan to acquire a hangar, on the other hand, will receive several privileges, like the ability to customize their Avenger directly from the hangar.

The game will also receive at least one new weapon in the shape of a Tactical SMG. Furthermore, enhancements in quality of life have been promised, such as the option to have all destroyed vehicles rebuilt at the same time by one’s insurance, better ways of distinguishing garages, and the ability to sprint by toggling a button rather than holding it down.

All of these updates and additions will be available on all current GTA Online platforms on the same day, so players will have a lot to look forward to on June 13. While GTA Online is showing its age in various ways, the game’s constant updates keep its player base interested, and fans are likely pleased, especially given what happened to Red Dead Online.

While Red Dead Online is a younger game with enhanced visuals and game mechanics, it has already reached the end of its major game updates, leaving players frustrated at the game’s unrealized promise.

There’s no telling how long this version of GTA Online will be supported, but Rockstar will almost certainly continue to create new content, vehicles, and weapons until GTA 6 – and its supposed online component – takes over. GTA Online is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Please return to for updates. Keep our website bookmarked so you can easily return to check for updated information.

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