Unleashing the Power of AI – GPT 4 Announced by OpenAI

If you thought ChatGPT was a great AI chatbot that made you feel like you were talking to a person, get ready for the next generation.

OpenAI announced the launch of GPT-4 on Tuesday (March 14). This comes after ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that came out in November 2022 and was a huge hit. The announcement says that GPT-4 has better accuracy, problem-solving skills, and reasoning skills.

When GPT-3 and GPT-4 were compared, the newer model scored in the 90th percentile on the bar exam, while GPT-3 scored in the 10th percentile, and it scored 99th in the Biology Olympiad, while GPT-3 scored in the 31st percentile.

Do you know that Snapchat’s new AI chatbot is built on the cutting-edge ChatGPT platform from OpenAI? The parent company of the popular photo-sharing app Snapchat, Snap Inc., recently announced plans to implement an AI chatbot in an effort to enhance the service for its users:

Microsoft confirmed that the new ChatGPT-powered Bing runs on GPT-4 at the same time that OpenAI did. OpenAI also said that Duolingo, Khan Academy, Morgan Stanley, and Stripe have all joined forces with GPT-4.

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT came out, the chatbot has taken the world by storm with its advanced AI and ability to interact with users in a way that is both complex and conversational.

It has also been called out for its mistakes and “hallucinations,” and the speed with which it can make content has led to ethical and regulatory debates. If you don’t have ChatGPT Plus, you’ll have to sign up for the waitlist if you want to try out GPT-4.

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