Govt demands explanation from EMRI-GHS after 6 People Died Due To Ambulance Delay In Jharkhand

Recently, the Jharkhand government told the EMRI Green Health Services (EMRI-GHS) to give an explanation for the ambulance delay due to which six people lost their lives. It is true that six people of different families, not related to each other, lost their lives due to ambulance delays in the state. Therefore, the Jharkhand government is supposed to take a strict call on it. After six people died while waiting for the ambulance, the government demanded an explanation from EMRI-GHS over the delay of ambulances. Since people heard that six people in Jharkhand died due to ambulance delay, a stir has occurred in the state. Everyone has set their keen eyes on this matter waiting for strict action from the state government over it. Let’s delve deep into the article and unfold more details. Continue reading this article.


As per the sources, six people at MGMMCH hospital were waiting for an ambulance to respond to the emergency after they were referred to higher medical facilities, but Hyderabad-based EMRI Green Health Services could not respond to the emergency for a long period causing the death of six patients at MGMMCH Hospital. For the unversed, Hyderabad-based EMRI-GHS runs Jharkhand’s special 108-free ambulance service. Shift to the next section and read more details.

Despite innumerable emergency calls for hours, the EMRI-GHS 108 ambulance could not respond to the patients waiting for it at MGMMCH Hospital. The special secretary of the Jharkhand Health Department and the director of the National Health Mission in the state, Alok Trivedi said, “We have sought an explanation from EMRI-GHS regarding the inordinate delays and, in some cases, the non-arrival of ambulances. They have been instructed to streamline their system and network to ensure the smooth functioning of the 108 ambulance service, especially intended for the poor and needy,”

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You would be surprised to know that the Jharkhand government pays Rs1.35 lakh per month for each ambulance. Yes, you heard it right, despite this heft payout to the Hyderabad-based EMRI-GHS its ambulance could not respond on time. The payout of the ambulance depends on the running per kilometer with all the facilities as per the tender condition including maintenance, emergency medical technicians, and the driver. Incidents came to light that ambulances didn’t arrive even after 24-30 hours, despite repeated phone calls by the families of the concerned patients. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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