Google pays tribute to French singer France Gall on her 76th birthday with a Doodle

Google Doodle: For some time we have all seen that Google Doodle is really trending as Doodle is now celebrating many occasions and birthdays. Some time ago Doodle celebrated Teachers Day in Nigeria then it celebrated some more occasions. Now Google Doodle is again here as Doodle is celebrating and paying tribute to the famous French singer, France Gall as today is her 76th birthday, She was one of the greatest singers of all time who passed away in 2018. But till now she is connected with many people. She is in the heart of many people and till now people celebrate her birthday. So by looking at that to make the fans of France Galkl, Google Doodle is celebrating her birthday and also paid a big tribute to her. Read to know everything about the late French singer.

France Gall

Who is France Gall?

France Gall was a popular French singer. Her real name was Isabelle Genevieve Marie Anne Gall but she was mostly known by her stage name France Gall. She was born on 9th October 1947 in Paris, France. She has been recognized as one of the greatest French lady singers. She started her singing career when she was a teenager. She stepped into the world of music and started working in the music industry in 1963. When she was just 17 years old, Gall won the Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg in 1965.

France Gall Life and Death

France Gall came from a music background family. She was born to her father whose name was Robert Gall and he was a music lyricist, who wrote many songs such as Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. France Gall’s mother’s name was Cecile Berthier and she was a singer. Cecile was the daughter of the co-founder of the Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois, Paul Berthier.  France died on 7th January 2018 when she was 70 years old in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

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Google Doodle Celebrates France Gall’s Birthday Today

Today, Google Doodle has paid tribute to the late singer France Gall. Doodle has paid tribute to Gall today on the occasion of her 76th birthday. Google Doodle was officially made by guest artist Mathilde Loubes from Paris. The contribution of France Gall in the world of music was totally great and big hats off to her for her dedication to music. She has given us famous soulful songs which are still in the hearts of many people.

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