Google Offered $147 Million to Epic Games for Fortnite

The trial standing by Google and Epic Games unveiled new claims during the trial that the tech giant Google offered a massive amount to Epic Games to launch Fortnite on the Play Stores. Epic Games claimed that Google feared that game companies like Nintendo and Sony would also withdraw their games from Play Stores and launch their games on their own websites which would cause a loss of billions to Google. Do you know what offer Google made to Epic Games for launching Fortnite on the Play Store? If not, the following sections are waiting for you. We have come up with all the imperative details that you need to know about this story. Stick with this page and go through it till the end. Drag down the page.


This revelation was made during the Google vs Epic Games trial when the tech giant confirmed it offered the latter $147 million to make Fortnite available on the Play Store. In 2018, the VP of Play of Google presented the partnership which involved paying the video game companies over the total amount over three years. However, Google never made an offer to renowned game developers and publishers to bypass the Google Play Store. But Epic Games rejected Google’s offer and launched the game on its website.

By publishing the game directly on their website the game maker directly sells V-Bucks to bypass the Play Store’s commission. Google did not make any offer to prevent renowned game makers like Valve, Netease, and Blizzard from bypassing the Play Store. A few months later Epic Games launched Fortnite for Android and Epic Games also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Epic Games citing internal documents said Google was afraid of a ‘contagion risk’ and said the tech giant attempted to change its decision by offering special benefits. Shift to the next section and read more details.

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The trial documents said Google had predicted that a few years after Epic decided to ditch the official Android app market all major mobile game developers would leave Play Store. This might cause Google to lose billions of dollars in revenue. As for Fortnite, Google anticipated that its absence from the Play Store would lead to a revenue loss of somewhere between $130 and $250 million. The tech giant (Google) predicted if other game publishers followed Epic’s suit, it could lose another $3.6 billion. Stay tuned.

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