Google Introduced ‘Unknown Tracker Alerts’ for Android Users

As you all know that Google has always been known for better performance. Recently Google’s new discovery has surprised the people of the world. All of you must be thinking that what a wonderful thing the Google company has done. So let us tell you about the new progress of Google. In an effort to enhance user safety and combat the misuse of Bluetooth trackers, Google has recently unveiled its new feature called ‘Unknown Tracker Alerts’. This feature aims to notify Android users if they are being unknowingly accompanied by a Bluetooth tracker that doesn’t belong to them. The functionality of this feature can prove to be invaluable in preventing potential stalking incidents and other criminal activities.

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Bluetooth trackers, such as AirTags and Tiles, have become popular for tracking lost items. However, numerous recent incidents have highlighted their misuse, with cases of individuals using these trackers to stalk and harass others or even plan car thefts. Recognizing the seriousness of this issue, Google decided to collaborate with Apple and develop a feature that addresses these concerns.

The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature is available on Android devices running Android 6 Marshmallow or later. When the feature detects an unknown Bluetooth tracker traveling alongside the user, it sends a notification to alert them. This notification includes a map displaying the location where the tracker started following them. By tapping on the notification, users can access additional information, such as the serial number of the tracker and owner details. Moreover, if users wish to locate the tracker discreetly, they can use the ‘Play Sound’ option without notifying the owner.

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To ensure thorough monitoring, the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature continuously searches for any unknown trackers in the vicinity. In addition, users can manually trigger a scan by accessing the ‘Settings’ app on their Android device, navigating to the ‘Safety and Emergency’ section, selecting ‘Unknown Tracker alerts’, and tapping on the ‘Scan Now’ button. This manual scan provides users with a list of trackers that have become separated from their owners.

This development signifies Google’s commitment to prioritizing user safety and extending protection to a wider range of device users. The best thing is the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature, Google is also working on improving its ‘Find My Device’ network. This network will enable users to locate their lost items, even when they are offline. As Google continues to enhance its safety measures and expand the ‘Find My Device’ network, users can confidently rely on these advancements to protect their belongings and maintain peace of mind.

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