Google Doodle celebrates Switzerland’s National Elections 2023 today

Google Doodle is now again in the spotlight. Today, Google Doodle is celebrating the Switzerland National Elections 2023. Doddle has officially unveiled a doodle to commemorate the Federal elections in Switzerland which are going to take place on 22 October 2023, Sunday. The celebration of Google Doodle is always very special. Whenever there is a special occasion in any country Doodle always comes in front and celebrates that occasion. The people of Switzerland are very happy today after seeing the beautiful gesture by Doodle today. Nww to learn everything regarding this occasion read this article till the end without missing anything. Let’s start this article now.

Google Doodle

Switzerland National Election 2023 is the federal election which has been held in Switzerland on 22nd October 2023, Sunday. It has been to elect all the members of the National Council and Council of States. This election of 2023 is going to be followed by the elections to the federal council Switzerland government and collegial presidency on 13th December 2023. The Switzerland National Election happens always after every 4 years. The last Switzerland National Election was held in 2019. If we look at the election timeline in the middle of October 2022 there was official information given to the parties. The deadline for the party registration was 21st December 2022. Continue reading.

The publication of the candidacy deadlines for the National Council was on 1st March 2023. Then on 30th April 2023 the Landsgemeinde in Appenzell-Innerrhoden. The updates of the party register were announced on 1st May 2023. Then in August 2023, there was a deadline for candidacy for the National Council in the cantons which uses proportional representation. The delivery of the electoral guide on the cantons happened in September 2023. On 4th September 2023, there was a candidacy deadline for the cantons who are using the majority vote in the walkover. In late September 2023, there was a delivery helf of the voting material. And now today means on 22nd October there is the election day in the 1st round for the Council of States.

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As per the reports, the eligibility criteria for both the candidates and voters are in the National Council elections in Switzerland. The person should must be 18 years or older than 18 years to vote. By looking at this Google Doodle has officially celebrated this day today. They are celebrating this day to aware people of the Switzerland National Election 2023. This day is very important for every single resident who is living in Switzerland.

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