Google Celebrates Netherlands’ National Elections 2023 With A Doodle

Today is a very big day in the Netherlands. So today is the Netherlands National Elections 2023. Regarding that today, the Google Doodle is here to celebrate the Netherlands National Election 2023. Doodle has made its theme on the Netherland National Elections 2023. This election has arrived after the Prime Minister of Dutch, Mark Rutte stated at the start of 2023 that he is taking retirement from politics after a 13-year-long term leading the Dutch country. Now to learn all the details of the Netherland National Election 2023, read this article till the end and do not miss any line if you want to learn every single piece of detail of this election day.

Google Doodle celebrates Netherlands' National Elections 2023

Google Celebrates Netherlands’ National Elections 2023

Today, the Google Doodle is officially celebrating the Netherlands National Elections 2023. Doodle has highlighted this day. This day is on 22nd November 2023, which means today. This election is happening after the Prime Minister of Dutch, Mark Rutte said that he is taking a retirement. This decision of Mark was completely sudden and shocking as he has been dubbed Teflon Musk for his long life in the world of politics. He has also claimed that the difference in the coalition has prompted the move. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know more about this election which is happening today in the Netherlands.

If we look at the polls the Dutch are going to vote for a total of 150 seats. Dutch is going to vote in the lower chamber of the parliament on 22nd November 2023, Wednesday. The biggest issue among the voters is that the election of 2023 is impacting the standard of living and also the crisis of houses in the Netherlands. Voters are going to have from total of 26 political parties to choose from. It so their choice which political party they are voters going to choose.

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If we take a look at the voting system of the Netherlands election 2023 a total of 150 seats have been divided and the party hits the threshold which is the last election in which under 63,000 got a seat in the parliament. Mostly the coalition of the governments are norms because the system and the number of the parties have made a very hard for the majority which has to be gained. But now the biggest news is that Mark Rutte announced that he is taking retirement, but it has been announced that he is going to stay as the PM till the new government is formed.

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