Goku Black in Fortnite Release Date – When Will It Be Available?

Epic Games has already added a lot of characters from the famous anime Dragon Ball to Fortnite. Now, the main bad guy from Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black, is ready to join the Battle Royale.

Shiina and GMatrixGames, two well-known data miners, are the ones who told people that Goku Black would be coming to Fortnite. They found a male skin with the codename DualParadox in the files. They are sure that it is Goku Black’s outfit from the series Dragon Ball Super.

The skin comes in two different styles, and one of them could be Zamasu’s other form. Players will be able to switch between the two versions whenever they want, probably by using an emote that is built into the game. Additionally, the costume has a paint job and a double pickaxe that aren’t visible when the actor is running.

When Will Goku Black Be Available in Fortnite?

Goku Black In Fortnite Release Date
Goku Black In Fortnite Release Date

Fans actually thought that Goku Black would come to Fortnite on May 9, which was Goku Day. The Japan Anniversary Association has been keeping track of Goku Day since 2015. Yes, there is a group in Japan that keeps track of birthdays.

Do you know that Abbey Games has revealed that a sequel to its indie god simulator Reus is “on the way,” almost a decade after the first game was released for Windows PCs? When the first game was released, it received generally positive reviews, and its creator sold over a million copies worldwide:

Unfortunately, the skin hasn’t been released yet, but the outfit has already been teased in the PS Store, so it won’t be long before it’s available in the item shop. We think that Fortnite Patch 24.40 will add it to the game next week.

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