Global share markets update: European shares fall, US stocks end mixed

In this article, we are going to talk about the recent Global market. Now the Global Market has extended the sell-off on 27th September 2023, Wednesday. It has been extended as the crude oil prices and US treasury yields climbed. In the entire global market, the investor’s mood was totally gloomy as they fretted over the possibility of major central banks holding interest rates higher for a prolonged period. On Wall Street, the United States stock markets have been closed mixed because of the worries about the interest rates so that they can remain high for some longer period. Read the entire article without missing anything.

share markets

Global share markets update

As for the US stocks, there is a possibility of a shutdown as fears of stock investors have also been added. According to the source, The S&P 500 has gained 1.10 points or 0.04% to end at 4,275.29 points. The Nasdaq Composite has rosed to 29.24 points at 0.22% at 13,092.85/ And the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen down to 61.79 points or 0.20% which is at 33,550.80. On 29th September 2023, Friday the monthly personal consumption expenditures price index is going to be released. It is going to give the fresh and latest view of inflation. The share of Marathon Oiul is now 4.2% and the Devon Energy is now 4%.

The US dollar is now at 149.59 Japanese yen from 149.09. Sources say that it is now going to fall down to $1.0508 from $1.0566 against the euro. If we look at the Europe stock European shares have now fallen down for a fifth day continuously on 27th September 2023, Wednesday. It with the pan-European STOXX 600 index is now going to slip at 0.2% to close at a six-month low. And the Britain FTSE 100 edged won 0.4% at 7,593.22 Germany’s DAX lost 0.3% at 15,217.45. If we look at France CAC 40 it is completely flat at 7,071.79. Scroll down to learn more about stocks.

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The Real Estate Index has shed down to 2% after the Jeffries ad gone downgraded some British landlords. The Lang securities, Derwent London, and British Land have plunged by 3.4% or 4.3%. In Asia, the key stock market closed higher on 27th September 2023, Wednesday. Japan Nikkei 225 has edged up to 0.2% at a total of 32,71.90. And Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index is now going to end up at 0.1% lower at 7.030.3 New Zealand has set a benchmark S&P/NZX 20 Index which has ended up at 0.2% lower at 11,316.81 points. The energy price US crude oil benchmark for November delivery has raised to $3.29 at $93.68 a barrel on Wednesday. And the Brunde crude for delivery has risen from $2.59 to $96.55 a barrel.

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