Global markets today: Higher Bond Yields Drops On Wall Street

Talking about the global markets, Wall Street on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, slipped on higher bond yields while the European equities were flat when the market closed. Notably, the MSCI all-world index reportedly fell by 0.9 percent in the three past months. The highlights of the global market till Tuesday are Wall Street falls on higher bond yields, European equities went flat, and the MSCI all-world declined by 0.9 percent for the third time in a row. If you are keen to learn more latest details of the global market, stick with this page for a while and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page and take a look at the following sections.

Global markets today

The United States stocks declined on the higher bond yields on Wednesday showing a mixed set of profit. Talking about the prominent US surging bond yield, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reportedly dropped by 0.27 percent taking its value to 33,051 while the Nasdaq Composite fell by 2.29 percent taking it to 12,838.65. On Wednesday, October 25, The S&P 500 declined by 1.36 percent taking it to 4,189. Whereas on the 10-year treasure, the yield jumped from 4.82 percent to 4.95 percent. Stay tuned to this page until you read it to the end. Scroll down.

The wait for the US third quarter GDP data has started by the investors. On Thursday, the investors are waiting for the US third quarter and the US PCE price index data on Friday. The data on US PCE and GDP will give some hints to investors about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Sources have reported that the US Central Bank will sit a two-day meeting from October 31 to November 1, next week. The currency, the US Dollar surged from 149.93 to 150.03 Japanese Yen. While Euro dropped from $1.0589 to $1.0567. Continue reading this article to learn more about the global market.

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If we overview the global market, it is imperative to talk about energy prices. The price of US Crude Oil reportedly surged by $1.65 per barrel taking its value to $85.39 on Wednesday. Brent crude for December delivery increased by %2.06 taking it to $90.13 per barrel. The price for natural gas also surged 4 cents which means $3.01 per 1000 cubic feet, for November delivery. European shares ended flat amid mixed earnings reports on Wednesday. The pan-European STOXX 600 index recovered early losses and ended flat, with negligible leading gains of 0.9 percent. While the real estate slowed by 1.9 percent. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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