George Buhnici Arestat Arrest and Declaratie Statement

The well-known YouTube and television presenter George Buhnici was arrested. Yes, you read it right. George has been charged. He has been arrested in Bulgaria. His arrest news is viral on the internet right now. His arrest news is making rounds on several social media platforms such as Twitter (X), Reddit, and YouTube. His subscribers are in shock and now everybody is curious to know why he has been arrested. What are the charges against him? Because of his arrest controversy, his name is in the headlines at this time and his family is in big shock regarding the arrest of their family member. Come let us know everything about this case.

George Buhnici

Who Is George Buhnici?

George Buhnici is a well-known personality in the entertainment world. He is a well-recognized television presenter and YouTuber. He has a multifaceted career which is totally incredible. He was also a journalist at one point in his life. He used to do investigative work and that work helped him in establishing his career. But in 2004 his career took a big turn. He faced a sudden downfall in his life and career because of his arrest. Scroll down to learn about this arrest case.

George Buhnici Arrest In Bulgaria

The arrest news of George Buhnici is currently going viral on the internet. So we want to clarify that he has not been arrested recently. He was arrested in 2004 in Bulgaria. It might be very confusing but yes this is true he was arrested in 2004. And now after many years, his arrest news is again going viral on social media. He was arrested because of his journalism work. According to the source, he was investigating something in 2004 when he was working in Pro TV. He used covert cameras to document an illegal activity that was happening at the border which was crossing between Bulgaria and Romania. Continue reading.

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When he was investigating the scene so at that time the crew found a big trade in cigarette cartridges which was unexpected. The Bulgarian law enforcement looked them to a regular examination which they passed and the vehicle returned. George was exposing everything to the public. But there is no report that he was detained. And there is a big update that right now he is in trouble with the law or in jail. There is no report that he is under the custody right now. Further information will be revealed very soon.

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