Genshin Impact Mysterious Core Locations and Uses

Hello friends, here we are sharing a piece of big and exciting news for those who love to play games. One of the best video games Genshin Impact is all set to entertain its fans. Genshin Impact has presented many new World Quests in the n the 4.0 Fontaine update. This is Still Mouthwatering! quest in which participants are needed to discover seven mysterious cores for an  NPC named Henri. In this article, we will direct the players to the locations of all seven mysterious cores. Here we have more information about it and we will share it with you in this article.

Genshin Impact

West Slope of Automnequi

  1. To discover the 1st Core, leader to the southern portion of the West Slope of Automnequi
  2. You will also reach across the Pneumousia Block, which is a bit further north and concealed behind free tress
  3. To access the Pneumonia Block, use basic capabilities to clear away the obstructing trees or things.

East of Elynas

  1. The 2nd center is found on a beach to the east of Elynas, near a fishing area
  2. Nearby, you will see the Pneumosa Block folded behind some boxes.
  3. Receiving this Core may involve selling with vanishing and reappearing platforms, so be equipped to guide these challenges.

West of Elyans

  1. The 3rd Core may be discovered near a waterfall to the west of Elynas.
  2. Like Core 2, this Core also involves blue platforms and a device that gathers enemies
  3. Conquer the tides of enemies that seem each time you hit the machine to obtain this Core.
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South of Salacia Plain

  1. The 4th core is your first core and is submerged in water.
  2. Find it south of the Salacia Plains, near the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain.
  3. You may need to utilize your powers to interact with the atmosphere and retrieve this core from underwater.

Central Salacia Plain

  1. To find the 5th core, head to the center of the Salasia Plains, just west of the teleport waypoint.
  2. It’s hidden by an Echoing conch, so use your character’s capabilities to dig up the conch and reach the core.

North of Salacia Plain

  1. 6th Corps is located in the northern part of the Salasia plain.
  2. You’ll also see the Pneumoasia Block nearby, perched on a large umbrella-like seaweed.
  3. Take advantage of Fontemar Aberrants in the area to gain abilities for upcoming battles.

Entrance to Thalata Submarine Canyon

  1. The 7th and last Core is placed along the entry to the Thalatta Submarine Canyon, south of its initial Teleport Wayponit.
  2. The Pneumousia Block for this Core is trapped in Fontemer Grass.
  3. To access it make use of the powers of a Hunter Ray Fontemer Aberrant to cut down the grass and free block.

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