Gated Community In Hyderabad Auctions Laddu ‘Prasadam’ Worth ₹1.25 Crore

The Gated community in Hyderabad has auctioned the laddu “Prasadam” which was worth approximately Rs. 1.25 Crore. This is really shocking. On 28th September 2023, Thursday, the Hindu devotees participated in the Khairatabad Ganesh Visarjan in the backdrop of De. B.R. Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat in Hyderabad. On Thursday, there was a big festival in India, Anant Chaturashi. And now post Anant Chaturdashi the Laddu Prasadam has been auctioned for Rs. 1.25 crore and another Laddu, the Balapur Laddu has been auctioned for Rs. 27 lakh. This is really shocking. every year this laddu is sold at a very high price and this year the price of the laddu has gone beyond expectations. Read this whole article to know everything.


The weight of the Balapur laddu is exactly 21 kg. In 2023, it has been auctioned at Rs. 27 lakh. This year this has set a record and it is really shocking. This time this laddu has been auctioned at Rs 3 lakh more than last year because last year the Balapur laddu was secured for Rs. 24.6 lakh. It was purchased by Vengeti Laxma Reddy of VLR Builders. And this time there has been one more laddy exactly like and it has been sold at a very high price which is totally out of the expectation. Continue to know about it.

Similar to the Balapur Laddu there is one more Laddu which is named Laddu Prasadam. Laddu Prasadam has been auctioned at Rs. 1.25 crore in the satellite town of Bandlaguda Jagir. According to these auctions, this has been showcased that there is a big popularity and value of these laddus in the region. People really believe in this and they believe that this is a blessing of Ganpati Bappa. A lot of people participate in these auctions to secure them. This time the auction was drawn by 29 participants. Scroll down to know more.

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This auction drew by total of 29 participants and also Dasari Dayanand who was the runner-up of the auction last year. He has now expressed his happiness and he is feeling very proud as he won the laddu. The auction of the Laddu Prasadam was officially organized by the Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi and it was marked at the start of the 19 km long Ganesh Shobha Yatra which led toward the Hussainsagar Lake. Auctioning of the laddu is a very old tradition which was started in 1994 when the laddu was sold at Rs. 450. The laddu has been auctioned as it brings the blessing of wealth, prosperity, and good health to those who possess it.

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