Forza Motorsport: The Next Generation Racing Game Arriving on Xbox Series X/S, PC and Game Pass!

The long-running simulation racing series’ eighth core installment, Forza Motorsport, will be released later this year, Turn 10 Studios revealed during Microsoft and Bethesda’s Developer Direct conference. The game’s release date represents a bit of a delay because Microsoft had previously stated that it would happen in the spring of this year.

Microsoft intends to release Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. In addition, if you were expecting to play the game on an Xbox One machine, you’ll need to resort to the company’s Xbox Game Pass service to do so.

Forza Motorsport will utilize the most advanced Xbox and PC technologies to provide the most immersive racing experience yet, Turn ten promised on Wednesday. Players can acquire more than 500 cars in the game, including 100 brand-new cars for the series.

Forza Motorsport
Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 scanned the paint jobs of the automobiles included in the game with a spectrophotometer to make those cars appear their finest. After the display, the studio claimed in a blog post that “with this new sourcing technique, our paint models have a more accurate light response across hues, metal flake, and gloss levels.”

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Additionally, each car will have context-aware mud and damage that Turn ten claims is “genuine and particular” to each vehicle. One of the five new racetracks featured in the game was the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa, which was displayed during the presentation.

Team 10 claims that the environments in Forza Motorsport have ten times more realistic detail than those in earlier entries in the series thanks to photogrammetry and laser-scanned photos. Fans can anticipate that no two circuits of a track will look or play the same thanks to the addition of dynamic time of day and weather simulation, according to Turn 10.

Later this year, Microsoft will likely release more information regarding Forza Motorsport.

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