Foldable Steering Wheel Design Concept In Opel’s New Electric Car

Opel, a renowned automobile manufacturer, recently unveiled their latest electric car concept called the Experimental. This prototype provides a glimpse into the future direction of Opel’s vehicle designs and technologies. Supported by the well-established company Stellantis, the Experimental is set to make its debut at the IAA Mobility show in Munich this September.

Foldable Steering Wheel Design Concept

One of the most striking features of the Experimental is its sleek and aerodynamic shape, which significantly enhances its efficiency. Built on the Stellantis BEV platform, the car offers all-wheel drive functionality and boasts a foldable steering wheel design. This innovative feature allows the steering wheel to retract when not in use, maximizing available space within the vehicle’s cabin. While it may be slightly smaller in size compared to the Tesla Model Y, it shares similarities in dimensions with the upcoming electric Opel Grandland.

Opel’s CEO, Florian Huettl, emphasized that the Experimental serves as a testament to Opel’s vision for future design and technology. A notable departure from conventional car aesthetics is the absence of chrome detailing. Instead, Opel has opted for eye-catching lighting elements and distinctive graphics that truly make the Experimental stand out. The front end showcases an illuminated Opel logo, accompanied by sleek and elongated headlights. At the rear, thin tail lights complete the overall aesthetic.

Efficiency plays a key role in the Experimental, as various features have been incorporated to optimize its energy consumption. The car features specially designed tires made from recycled rubber and wheels that are engineered to enhance air movement. These elements contribute to the car’s streamlined profile, reducing drag and ultimately conserving battery power.

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Stepping inside the Experimental, one is greeted with a sense of spaciousness and a clean, minimalist design. This is achieved through the utilization of light seats, the innovative retractable steering wheel, and thoughtfully placed controls. Rather than traditional screens, information is displayed using a captivating 3D display located above the dashboard. In a further departure from convention, the car replaces side mirrors with camera technology, which enhances visibility while reducing drag.

While Opel has yet to disclose detailed specifications regarding the Experimental’s power and range on a single charge, it is evident that this concept signifies Opel’s bold vision for their future electric vehicles. By prioritizing aerodynamic efficiency, adopting sustainable materials, and introducing cutting-edge technologies, Opel is striving to redefine the electric car landscape. With its forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation, Opel is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry.

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