Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal to launch new global AI start-up

The well-known internet entrepreneur, Binny Bansal is now all set to launch the new global AI start-up after Flipkart. This news has been recently announced and it has given a big surprise in the market right now. He is venture aims to provide AI talent, services, and products that can cooperate with the entire world. This is going to change the world of AI completely. Binny Bansal has claimed that this new AI startup is going to change the game and it is going to help people a lot. Now to know everything regarding the new AI start-up of Binny Bansal, read this article completely without missing anything.

Binny Bansal

Binny Bansal is a famous billionaire Internet entrepreneur. He was born in 1982 or 1983 so according to his birth year he may be 40 or may be 41 years old. He was the co-founder of the e-commerce platform Flipkart with Sachin Bansal in 2007. From 2007 to 2016, Binny Bansal was the chief operating officer of Flipkart and then he was promoted to Chief Executive officer (CEO). The next year he was promoted to the Group CEO and then he resigned in 2018. He grew up in Chandigarh and then he completed his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi where he completed his degree in computer science and engineering. Before that, he studied at St. Anne Covent School, Chandigarh.

Currently, Binny Bansal resides in Bangalore with his family. If we look at his family, the father of Binny Bansal is a retired chief manager at a bank and his mother is in the government sector. Binny Bansal is a married man. He is married to Trisha Bansal, who is a homemaker. They both are blessed with twin sons. Now to know about his recent announcement regarding a new AI start-up, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

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Recently, Binny Bansal announced that he is all set to launch the new AI start-up which is going to send shockwaves in the world of Artificial Intelligence. His target is to provide AI talents, and services to the corporate in the entire world like the model which is followed by IT providers like Infosys and TCS. Currently, his team has hired 15 employees and they are going to properly initiate the new start-up after some months. Many people are currently asking a lot of questions but till now he has not responded. So we have to wait some more time to learn the proper information about his new start-up.

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