Final Fantasy XVI PC Release… When Will It Be Available?

Final Fantasy’s turn-based strategy battles have been appealing to fans of classic video games for a decade. But when Final Fantasy XVI goes in a different direction from those features, people are excited and want to know what this new Combat System is that has replaced the power of the old one.

The bar has been set rather high for Final Fantasy 16. Even though it doesn’t come out for another two months, Final Fantasy XVI is already climbing the best-sellers charts on Amazon.

It has even sold more copies than games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and NBA 2K23. In the US, it is the best-selling PS5 game. Even though it’s not number one in the UK and Europe yet, it’s getting there fast.

Do you know that Company of Heroes 3’s console edition will be released in May, which is earlier than some may have expected? The real-time strategy game could only be played on PC when it first came out:

Most of the time, sales trends can be seen in the Amazon charts, and Final Fantasy XVI is also in the top 50 of best-selling games in the US and the top 100 in Europe. This success is likely due in part to the recent State of Play event, which shows how big-budget marketing works.

When Will Final Fantasy 16 for PC Come Out?

According to Pocket-Lint, Final Fantasy 16 will come out on June 22, 2023. This was revealed at The Game Awards in December 2022. You can watch that video for the story and gameplay below:

YouTube video

At this point, there’s not much chance that date will change, which is good news. Square Enix said at the end of March 2023 that the game had gone gold and was ready to ship.

Even while there will almost certainly be a day-one patch with performance and feature upgrades, people who plan to play it on the day it’s released should take heart from the fact that this bodes extremely well for them.