Final Fantasy 16 Demo Release Date: When is Square Enix Launching This?

Even though Final Fantasy 16 won’t be released for another two months, the information about a launch event could coincide with the publication of a PS5 game demo. According to Square Enix’s announcement and the developers’ words, Final Fantasy 16 will have a special event before its official release.

Final Fantasy 16 experienced a significant increase in popularity on Amazon after a dedicated State of Play broadcast that occurred on April 13. Following the show, Final Fantasy 16 outperformed other well-known games, including Resident Evil 4 and Star Waɼs Jedi: Survivor, causing a jump in preorders for the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Release Date
Final Fantasy 16 Demo Release Date

Final Fantasy 16 became popular on social media following the performance as players praised the game’s visuals, quick-paced action, and sounds. Even though the game has already been certified gold, Square Enix wants to maintain the momentum.

A Final Fantasy 16 premiere event will take place on Sunday, June 11, at 3:00 PM Pacific in Los Angeles, Square Enix revealed on social media. The scheduled release date of Final Fantasy 16 is June 22, less than two weeks from June 11.

This is consistent with what Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida stated in an interview with Famitsu in March, which was translated by Twitter user “aitaikimochi” later. In order to avoid the hype for the game waning if it were published too early, Yoshi-P claims that the development team would prefer to release a Final Fantasy 16 demo within two weeks of the game’s release.

Yoshi-P gave State of Play viewers a sneak peek at what Final Fantasy 16 will entail during the State of Play program. Final Fantasy 16 aims to provide something new to the franchise while paying homage to the elements that helped it get to where it is today, from the Eikonic skills that Clive can switch and use as needed to the Eikon vs. Eikon bouts that will occur throughout the tale.

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The Final Fantasy 16 launch event falls within the time frame that E3 had previously occupied before it was canceled. It is unclear, however, whether Square Enix’s launch event will be included in the Summer Game Fest schedule or if the timing is a coincidence, given the return of Summer Game Fest.

Square Enix will provide further information regarding the Final Fantasy 16 launch event in the coming weeks—the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 16 debuts on June 22. As always, we do our best to bring you the most recent information, and you can help us by following us on Pinterest.

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