Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Unveiled, Mark Your Calendars!

Few gaming series are as well-known or as long-running as Final Fantasy. The games are loved all over the world, and the series has given us some of the best role-playing games ever made.

So, it’s no surprise that when the next Final Fantasy game is announced, it’s a big deal. Sony knew this when it showed off the game as part of a PS5 showcase in late 2020. But what should you know about the next big entry of the series? Continue reading to find out.

Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

To get right to the point, The Game Awards in December 2022 confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will come out on June 22, 2023. You can watch the trailer for the game’s story and gameplay below.

YouTube video

For all its depth, the first Final Fantasy 16 trailer didn’t reveal the game’s release window. We got a second trailer in early June 2022, which confirmed that the game will come out in Summer 2023 and gave us a time frame for when to expect it.

There are a number of highly anticipated games coming out this year. Our coverage will tell you everything you need to know about their release:

We also know a lot about the people who are making the game. It’s being produced by Naoki Yoshida and directed by Hiroshi Takai, who both played a big role in Final Fantasy 14’s rebirth and renewed success, which is still going strong today.

It looks like their success has landed them the best job possible, which is to be in charge of a new mainline game. On the platform side of things, we know that the game will be a PlayStation exclusive, at least for a while, and will only be available on the PS5.

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