Fact Check: Is Nadav Itzkowitz Leaving YMH? Twitter And Instagram Update

Recently, the internet was overshadowed by the death rumors of Your Mom’s Podcast’s Nadav Itzkowitz. There are innumerable posts and pages on social media that are spreading the news that popular content creator and podcast host Nadav Itzkowitz has passed away. The rumors of Nadav Itzkowitz’s death sparked after an episode of his show “Your Mom’s House”. Since the latest episode of his podcast show aired, fans are speculating if Nadav Itzkowitz is dead or alive. Some are also speculating if Nadav Itzkowitz is leaving YMH. Plenty of perplexions occurred after the latest episode of YMH aired. Therefore, it is necessary to address the ongoing rumors and prevent people from getting misled. Continue reading this article for more details.

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Is Nadav Itzkowitz Dead or Alive?

First of all, we debunk the ongoing rumors of Nadav Itzkowitz’s death. He is alive and well. In fact, the internet personality is doing well at his place. He is in good health condition as well. For the unversed, Nadav Itzkowitz is a producer at YMH Studios. He welcomes notable and prominent personalities on his podcast show. On social media, he also has garnered a fan following of 108K.

Recently rumors sparked that Nadav Itzkowitz has died. The rumors of his passing were sparked when the latest episode of his podcast show aired. The thumbnail of the latest episode is titled “No Ads I Farewell Nadav I Your Mom’s House Ep. 726”. The thumbnail also features a picture of Nadav Itzkowitz in question with angel wings and a halo. The picture of the thumbnail gave off the impression that the internet personality had passed away. Have you watched the video? However, the podcast episode is only available to the subscribers of the channel. Thus, most of the people spread the rumors without watching the video. He is alive.

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Is Nadav Itzkowitz Leaving YMH?

The description of the podcast video reads, “It’s a sad day at Studio Jeans, long-time producer Nadav Itzkowitz is leaving the Jean Team. He sits down with the Main Mommies to discuss his time with the show, what’s going to happen with the marathon, and what next is in store for him.” However, Nadav also shared a cryptic message on Instagram, that reads, “Big changes are happening. Watch YHM tomorrow. Good times” Despite his response to the ongoing rumors about him leaving the show, this question still remains unanswered. Stay tuned for more details.

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