Fact check: Is Michael Barrymore dead? Comedian and television presenter death hoax debunked

Michael Barrymore’s death news is going viral on the internet right now. His name is currently trending on social media right now. So we want to first be clear that Michael is not dead but there is a death case that is related to him. In this article, we are going to cover the death case of a man whose body was discovered in the house of Michael Barrymore. Suddenly, this news came out on the internet and people became interested to know about this case. So let us discover everything about this case in this article.

Michael Barrymore

Who Is Michael Barrymore?

Michael Barrymore is an English actor, comedian, and television presenter. He is mostly recognized for presenting a television presenter of game shows and light entertainment programs on British television. His famous shows include My Kind of People, Kids Say the Funniest Things, Strike It Lucky, and My Kind of Music. He was born on 4th May 1952 in Bermondsey, London, England. His full name is Michael Ciaran Barrymore. He has been active in the British entertainment industry since 1976. In his career, he has taken big breaks many times but he has always come back with a banger. He was a married man. He was married to Cheryl Cocklin, they got married in 1976 and then they divorced in 1997.

Michael Barrymore Death Case

19 years ago, because of a death incident, the life of the famous television presenter took a big turn. The career of Michael Barrymore came to an end because of the death of a man whose body was discovered at the house of Michael. According to the source, on 31st March 2001, there was a party organized at the house of Michael in Essex. And unexpectedly, a 31-year-old man named Stuart Lubbock was found dead at the swimming pool in the house of the TV presenter. Continue reading.

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Michael Barrymore Death Case Story

The body of Stuart Lubbock was discovered at the swimming pool in the house of Michael Barrymore. There was three witness including Michael, who claimed that the body of a deceased man was seen floating in the swimming pool. And he said that Lubbock was high on drugs. And when the postmortem of the deceased happen so it was found that the deceased man suffered a lot of injuries on his anal. It is also reported that the TV presenter was also high on drugs as he was seen riding cocaine. And then Michael and two other people Jonathan Kenney and Justin Merritt were arrested in the case of murder and sexual assault. And next year Michael got bail and the case went under re-investigation.

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