Fact check: Is Hykie Berg Leaving Binnelanders?

A buzz recently started on the internet and it is quite stirring for the fans of Binnelanders. In fact, the buzz is about well-known versatile actor Hykie Berg. There are some reports that are spreading the news that Hykie Berg is leaving Binnelanders. Meanwhile, this news was received as a huge blow by the fans of this soap opera. According to the recently surfaced reports, actor Hykie Berg is resigning from Binnelanders and he is no longer interested in portraying the role of Dr. Conrad Bester in the series. As a result of this story, viewers of Binnelanders and Hykie Berg’s fans started a trend of speculating the reason for leaving the soap opera suddenly. Let’s analyze the situation and understand why the actor is leaving the show.

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Is Hykie Berg Leaving Binnelanders?

Yes, actor Hykie Berg is about to wipe off from the show. Firmly, he is no longer interested in doing the same role that he had been portraying for a long time. This news came as a shock for the viewers as Hykie Berg left the show at a critical turning point in the series’s plot. However, the actual reason for leaving the show has not been determined yet. But it is almost certain that Hykie Berg is saying goodbye to his fans in the show. He resigned from Binnelanders.

Who Is Hykie Berg?

He is a well-known and prominent personality in South Africa. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on May 2, 1978. People across South Africa recognize him for his contribution to the South African entertainment industry. Not to mention, Hykie Berg surged to fame and prominence after appearing in a television series titled “Egoli: Place of Gold” in which he did the role of “Darius du Buisson”. Later the actor joined Binnelanders in which he essayed the role of Conrad Bester.

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However, before gaining fame and becoming a well-known actor in South Africa, Hykie Berg struggled with several personal issues including drug addiction for which he also served in a maximum-security jail rehabilitation. But he did not stop learning and completed his Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts. Being an author, Hykie Berg also published a book titled “Hykie Berg: Ultimate Survivor” in which he talked about the hardships and successes he faced in his journey. Today, Hykie Berg is a prominent actor in the South African entertainment industry courtesy of his varied career and dedication to personal development.

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