Fact check: Is Alex Bain Leaving Coronation Street? Simon Barlow Death Plot Explained

In this article, we are going to learn about Simon Barlow’s death plot. You may be aware of this name. So this is a fictional character who comes in the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street. This character has been played by the well-known actor Alex Bain. Recently, in the episode it was shown that this character has died. Since this scene has been showing people are raising some questions. People are asking that is Alex Bain leaving Coronation Street. This question is currently one of the most asked questions. If you want to learn the answer to this question, so read this entire article now.

Alex Bain Leaving Coronation Street

Is Alex Bain Leaving Coronation Street?

The death of Simon Barlow has become the biggest focused point of anticipation and conjecture within the media circles and the fanbase of the famous show Coronation Street. The spoilers of the episode have hinted that Simon is going to pass away. This speculation abounds the Alex Bain’s exit from the show. He has been part of this show for the last 15 years. His departure from the show is poised to be a watershed moment. It has evoked a lot of emotions from the viewers. Continue reading this article till the end and learn whether Alex is leaving the show or not.

Simon Barlow is an iconic character in the show Coronation Street. This character has been portrayed by Alex Bain. He has been playing this character for the past 15 years. He has made his place in the hearts of fans. This iconic Sopa opera is mostly famous because of this character. Their journey of Alex was started on with show in the year 2008. But now there is a hint that this journey has come to an end. Now we all are not going to see Alex in the soap opera because of Simon Barlow’s death plot. Keep reading.

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Alex Bain is a well-known English actor. His real name is Alexander Anthony Keith Bain. He was born on 25th November 2001 in Blackum, Lancashire, England. As of 2024, he is 22 years old. He is mostly famous for playing the character of Simon Barlow in the famous soap opera Coronation Street. He has been portraying this character since 2008. He was born to Debra and Paul Bain. Since his childhood, he has been interested in the arts. So he attended dance, drama, and musical theatre lessons at the Bernese School of Theatre Dance, and Drama from his childhood. Keep following Techballad for more such articles.

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