Fabian August Suicide Case: SA pilot takes own life in Hong Kong

Here is the news of the recent horrific incident. This article is about the recent suicide of a pilot, Fabian August lost his life. Fabian was the South African pilot who lost his life by committing suicide. The news of this pilot suicide is currently going viral on social media. This is the biggest disturbing news of the current time. People are in a big shock after listening to this tragic suicide news. He was a very enjoyable person but he took his own life. This is very shocking and we all are left in confusion, that is why the pilot took this decision to end his life. Read this article to know everything about this case.

Fabian August

Who Was Fabian August?

Fabian August was a joyful person. He was a South African pilot. He used to become a pilot from his childhood and he succeded and completed his dream of becoming a pilot. As per the reports, he completed his flight training at BAE Systems Flight Training in Adelaide, Australia in the time of 1990s. He spent a long time of his career flying cargo planes for South African Airways (SAA). He worked for 23 years as a pilot. He almost gained experience operating some different aircraft including Boeing, and Airbus models, and Hetstream BA41.

Fabian August Death 2023

Fabian August died at the age of 49. He passed away 2 days back. He was a highly respected pilot. His death news has given a big shock to his close ones. His death news has sent shockwaves in his community. The people who were really close to him are in a big shock. His experience as a pilot was totally amazing as he has been a pilot for the past 23 years. His mother is in a devastating situation. Her mother’s name is Kayda and she is 82 years old. She revealed that her son wanted to become a pilot since his childhood.

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Fabian August Cause of Death: Suicide 2023

Fabian August was a pilot at the Cathay Pacific Airlines. He was 49 years old at the time of his death. According to the source, he died in Hong Kong. He committed suicide 2 days back. His committing suicide was a big shock to his close ones. It is not confirmed why he took this decision despite having a successful career as a pilot. Police officers are currently investigating this case and further information will be revealed soon. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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