Exclusive: Google may invest in AI startup Character.AI

Breaking news: Google is now in the talks for the big major investment in the AI start-up Character. AI. As we all know AI is going on another level every single day so the investment in AI is going to be on an incredible level. It has been claimed that the potential investment which should be taken in the form of convertible notes is going to solidify the current partnership which is exciting between Google and Character. AI. At this time the Character. AI is utilizing the Google Cloud services and Tensor Processing United (TPUs) for model training. Now to learn everything regarding the investment, read this article till the end.

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According to the source, now Alphabet Google is in talks to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the Character. AI. This is a rapidly growing AI chatbot start-up. The talks regarding the investment came after Character. AI is seeking capital to train the models and to meet the increasing demand from the public. It has been stated that the potential investment might take the form of the convertible notes which might further solidify the existing partnership between Goole and Character. AI. At this time the Character. AI is utilizing the Google Cloud services and the tensor processing United (TPUs) for model training. Till now Character. AI and Google have not given any response regarding any query.

Some sources have revealed that there is a discussion of Google with Character. AI is going on. And the term of the deal might go under some changes. Chacater. AI was founded by two ex-Google employees Noam Shah and Daniel De Freitas. Character. AI gives ability to users to interact with virtual versions of ce; celebrities and to create their own chatbots or people can also make their own AI assistant by using Character. AI. To know more, scroll down.

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Character. AI comes with a subscription, which means if you have to use this AI technology you have to pay $9.99 per month. As in the last paragraph, we learned that there is a discussion going on with Google regarding the investment. So by looking at the the talks with Google coincide with the broader trend which is the major tech cloud service providers ally with AI startups. Currently, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is examining the investments for potential anti-competitive behavior. The l; last investment of Google includes $2 billion in convertible notes for the model maker Anthropic.

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