EVs Boost Indonesia’s green IPO boom

Not to mention, Indonesia is not a hotbed for stock trading. In fact, no other Southeast Asian country is the cradle for stock trading. Despite this, Indonesia emerged as one of the strongest markets in the world for IPOs, thanks to green energy demand and natural resources. Yes, it is true that electric vehicles are boosting Indonesia’s IPO while other Southeast Asian countries have smaller equities than the size of their economy. Therefore, the International Monetary Fund found it very surprising that Indonesia emerged as one of the world’s strongest markets for IPOs this year. You should go through this article till the end to learn how green energy boosted the country’s initial public offerings. Continue reading this article and take a look below.


EVs Boost Indonesia’s IPOs

Data says that equities raised around $2.4 billion in a span of 20 weeks from first-time stock sales. The gain of $2.4 billion from the Indonesian IPOs is almost as much as Singapore and Hong Kong gained combinedly. You will be surprised to know that now Indonesia ranks number 4, the Southeast Asian country now only trails China, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. Go through the further section to learn how elective vehicles and green energy boosted Indonesia’s IPOs.

The credit for the sudden elevation in Indonesian companies’ IPOs goes to green energy. Yes, it’s part of the frenetic rush to move into green energy and away from fossil fuels. Kindly note that Indonesia is the number one miner of nickel in the world. Nickel is an important metal that is used in the production of batteries that are used in elective vehicles, lawnmowers, and forklifts. Besides Nickel, Indonesia also significantly mines cobalt, copper, tin, and gold. Shift to the next section and learn more about Indonesia’s reserves treasure.

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According to the reports, the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has been witnessing a flood of interest from the foreign market as well. In the past, foreign investors rarely made trips to Indonesia. The chief investment officer of Schroders Indonesia, Irwanti said, “It was hard to get someone from London, Hong Kong or Singapore to come here. Now some of them have come for a visit three or four times within a year, looking for good ideas.” The increase of IPOs in Indonesia is challenging the neighboring countries’ companies. Singapore is increasingly looking to raise money on the domestic market. Stay tuned with us.

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