Is “Evil Dead Rise” Available for Streaming? Where Can You Watch It?

The Evil Dead film series has returned with another terrifying movie. When the last movie came out in theaters a decade ago, in 2013, no one thought that the series’ author, Sam Raimi, would bring it up again.

Today, fans of the horror genre are getting ready to watch Evil Dead Rise, which is the next part of the story. Lee Cronin is in charge of the movie, which is about a young woman named Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) who lives with her three kids in an apartment in Los Angeles.

When her sister Beth, played by Lily Sullivan, comes to visit, their building is hit by an earthquake that makes a hole in the parking lot. The kids look into it and find out that they have the Book of the Dead, which sets off a bad spirit that finds Ellie and takes control of her.

Will she wreck the family and lose everything she’s worked for, or will everyone make it out alive? It is a very interesting idea, and fans will want to see it in any way they can. But it will be a while before people can stream Evil Dead Rise from home.

We did some study, so we have an idea of when it will be available to stream. All the information you need to know about where and how to view the latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise has been compiled here.

When Did Evil Dead Rise Come Out? Where and How to Stream It?

Is Evil Dead Rise Available for Streaming
Is Evil Dead Rise Available for Streaming

On April 21, 2023, The Evil Dead Rise came out. At first, the plan was for the second movie to only be available on a streaming service in 2022. But interest in the idea grew, and we finally managed to get it into theaters.

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Do you know that as a Warner Bros. and MGM film, Creed 3’s streaming release has caused some difficulty, particularly when it comes to determining when it will be available online? Creed 3 is the ninth Rocky movie and the first one where Sylvester Stallone doesn’t play Rocky Balboa:

Once the movie’s run in theaters is over, it will almost certainly be streamed on Max, which has a new name. The horror content on the streaming service has become very popular since The Last of Us became a fan and reviewer favorite.

If you haven’t jumped on the HBO Max bandwagon yet, there are both subscription plans with ads and plans without ads. If you want to watch Evil Dead Rise online at home, you can’t do that right now.

There are no plans to make it available for streaming, or for digital or VOD rental or purchase through services like HBO Max. Evil Dead Rise won’t be out on Blu-ray and DVD until an official date is set, which probably won’t happen for a few weeks.

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