Erling Haaland Getting New Hairstyle Ahead of EPL Return

Currently, on social media, there is one trending man whose name is at the top of the sports headlines right now. The famous sports personality Erling Haaland is in the top headline right now. he is trending because of his new look. Recently, in a match, he looked totally unrecognizable. he is looking totally changed because of a new hairstyle ahead of EPL Return. His fans are really shocked after watching his new hairstyle. His new look is freaking amazing and cool and it is loved by many people since he made his latest appearance. Come let us know everything about him in this article now.

Erling Haaland
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Who is Erling Haaland?

Erling Haaland is a popular Norwegian professional football player. He plays for the Premier League club Manchester City and he also plays in the Norway national team. He serves as the striker. He is known as the best player in the world. He is recognized for his speed, positioning, and strength. And one more amazing quality in him is his finishing inside the box. He was born on 21st July 2000 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He has set many records just at the age of 23. He holds the record for the most goals scored by a player in just a single Premier League season. he comes from a sports background family Erling Haaland’s father, Alfie Haaland is also a football player who used to play for Leeds United in the Premier League. The identity of Erling Haaland’s mother has not been disclosed yet.

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Erling Haaland New Hairstyle 2023

As we all have seen many times, he has been always seen in a lung hair hairstyle. He used to have long hair in which while he used to play at that time he used to make an amazing hairstyle. Many of his fans loved his long-haired hairstyle. But now he has done a totally different hairstyle.

Because of his new hairstyle, Erling Haaland looked totally unrecognizable. Many of his fans didn’t recognize him first because of his new look. He has done a new look ahead of the Premier League return after an international break. Because of his new look, he is in talks right now. And now he is looking like a fantastic beast player. His new hairstyle is loved by many people but some are telling him that he used to look good in long hair. Now he has shortened his hair and he is rocking the new hairstyle.

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