Elon Musk’s X: Walmart joins ranks of advertisers pulling away

Finally, Walmart has joined the ranks of advertisers pulling away from Twitter (X). Walmart has moved to pull off the ads on Twitter (X) was made public on 1st December 2023, Friday. The head of operations at Twitter (X), Joe Benarroch has stated that the company has not placed ads on the platform since October 2023. The company has given a statement in which they have officially announced that the company has now decided to hold the advertising on the social media giant Twitter (X). Now to know everything, read this article till the end and do not miss any line.

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Walmart company has officially announced the decision to halt the advertising on social media platform Twitter (X), it is because it has aligned with a growing list of brands which is currently at a distance from the owner of Twitter (X), Elon Musk. A spokesperson for Walmart company has stated that they are not advertising on Twitter (X) as they have found other platforms to reach their customers. Till now Twitter (X) has not given any response to queries on the issue. Walmart has moved to pull off the ads on Twitter (X) which was made public yesterday. Scroll down to ht next paragraph of this article.

Joe Benarroch, the head of operations of Twitter (X) has said that till now the company has not officially placed ads on Twitter (X) from October 2023. However, the company has focused on organic engagement in the community of more than one million members of the social media giant. He has also said that the Walmart company had a great community of over one million people on Twitter (X) and with half a billion people on Twitter (X) are experiencing 15 billion impressions every single year regarding the holidays alone with over 50% of the social media application users are doing online shopping.

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There are some signs of trouble. the experts in the Ad industry have given a warning to impending turmoil for Twitter (X) company as a lot of advisers are currently considering deserting the platform. It is happening regarding the cascade of events triggered by Elon Musk who is the owner of Twitter (X). The Walt Dinsey and Warner Bros. Discovery have taken some big steps in the last month as they halted advertising efforts on Twitter (X). This action has been taken after the response to Elon Musk endorsing the antisemitic post.

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