Elon Musk take jibe on blocking feature of X

X App owner Elon Musk is in discussion these days and his users are very angry due to the removal of blocking features of X App in the last few days. This information was quickly spread across all media sources and social networking platforms. And because of this, he was also in controversy day in and day out for many days but he did not change his decision. But it does not end here, he has also said something else while tweeting for his Twitter users. Read on to discover every specific piece of information that is currently known.

Elon Musk Says X Monthly Users Reach New High

We know that you all are very curious to know what Musk has tweeted. Elon Musk tweeted on Twitter that he likes to block those people who keep complaining about everything and this thing does not end there, he said that blocking does not end the time. How was the taste of a new medicine?

You also had heard the name of a great person like Valley Account. Valley Account is the owner of Tesla Company. Prior to this, the Wally account had also answered a question, asking users about their preferences for the block and mute feature. Seeing this, Musk made a turn RLP that only the blocking features for direct messages would be removed.

But Elon Musk took care of one more thing and said that users still have the option to mute direct messages so that instead of blocking their direct messages, they can mute them. On Friday too, Elon Musk said in another post that the features of choker block are being removed from the direct message. ”It doesn’t mean anything,” said the billionaire.

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You will keep getting to see lots of new features in the Haar social media app and will continue to get it. And as far as the removal of Blowking Fatires is concerned, many users agree with this, and not many. If seen, last year’s Twitter company comes in a well-known company. Twitter earned a deal of $ 44 billion last year, which is not an easy thing, it shows how many people like the Twitter app. The blocking feature removed by Musk is the right decision, and at the same time, it can also give a new direction to Twitter. And slowly users will also get used to it. The article ends here with the complete information. Stay tuned with us for more latest upgrades.

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