Elden Ring Player Displays “Busted” Overpowered Shield

Using a build that appeared to be designed for newer players, one Elden Ring player posted a provocative video in which they destroyed one of the game’s most difficult bosses. However, not all is as it seems.

Many players struggle over what weapons and armor to employ in Elden Ring’s brutal boss battles as they try to progress through this challenging game.

People who believe they have discovered what would be a successful combination of gear, talismans, and weapons frequently post their builds online to assist other players who might be having trouble taking down a specific boss.

Elden Ring Overpowered Shield
Elden Ring Overpowered Shield

In Elden Ring, numerous weapons, gear, and armor sets are available to acquire, and considerable customization and set-creation options, some of which can be seen as overpowered or game-breaking.

Some combinations of stats, weapons, and armor are thought to be highly potent, arguably a peculiarity of the Soulslike genre that leads to the problem of broken builds. Elden Ring is no exception to this rule. It has plenty of overpowered forms.

Melania, regarded as the most challenging boss in Elden Ring, is defeated in a brief video by Reddit user Masochist571, who uses the enormous Fingerprint Stone Shield. The battle is amusing because the player doesn’t use the shield to block, merely totes it around while deftly dodging Malenia’s blows and slashing away at her health with a fiery broadsword.

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Masochist571 exposes the “build” and stat distribution for their level 145 characters after the video. Amusingly, the Strength stat is at 15, with most skill points going to Intelligence and Faith.

I found a very busted and OP shield build, highly recommended for new players!
by u/Masochist571 in Eldenring

Even the most experienced players will have their hands complete with the tough bosses in Elden Ring, and many rely on particular potent setups and summons to advance in the game. Some Elden Ring players have trounced Malenia, at least at first, by teaming up against her.

Elden Ring Overpowered Shield
Elden Ring Overpowered Shield

However, even those employing clumsy strategies risk being rapidly overcome by her terrifyingly potent second phase, Malenia, Goddess of Rot.

The build had a minimal role in this particular triumph over Malenia. Instead, it was gained through deft mobility and dodging techniques. The player only suffered one hit at the end of the battle, and not a single healing flask was used.

Another Elden Ring player facing Malenia suffered a crushing setback when they were knocked out in two hits despite having a far larger build. This defeat serves to highlight how spectacular this triumph is. This demonstrates how quickly things may change in Elden Ring.

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