Elden Ring: 20 Million Copies Sold, One Year Later

Elden Ring’s first birthday is coming soon, but Bandai Namco revealed that the game had sold 20 million copies before that occasion.

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware said

“The companies would like to thank everyone who has played this game from the bottom of their hearts and will continue to develop various ways for the fans to enjoy the world of Elden Ring in the future,” Bandai Namco and FromSoftware said.

Elder Ring 20 Million Copies Sold
Elder Ring 20 Million Copies Sold

The game of the Year winner has vastly exceeded every other FromSoftware game in history. It has been noted that Dark Souls 3 took four years to declare that it had sold 10 million copies.

The most recent sales numbers for other From Software games show that Sekiro has sold 5 million copies, Dark Souls 1 has sold 5.5 million copies, and Bloodborne has sold just 2 million copies, albeit Bloodborne has some platform limitations Elden Ring does not.

Elden Ring is just on another level here. While 20 million copies sold in a year isn’t quite enough to place it on the list of all-time best-sellers, it’s getting close to the numbers for games like the original Modern Warfare 2 (22.7 million sales), Red Dead Redemption (23 million), God of War (23 million), and GTA IV, which were last reported (25 million).

It’s very bizarre, especially considering how niche FromSoftware games have always been due to their inherent difficulty while being well-praised and adored by fans. Everyone is wondering right now if Elden Ring will receive DLC or a full-fledged sequel, but despite the anniversary, we still don’t know the answers to either.

A year after its release here, Elden Ring has received numerous balance updates and a significant PvP upgrade. Still, it has yet to hint at prospective DLC, despite practically all previous FromSoftware titles having received DLC, most of which has already been made available.

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Elder Ring 20 Million Copies Sold
Elder Ring 20 Million Copies Sold

We know that FromSoftware’s upcoming major undertaking is a new Armored Core game that will adhere more closely to the tenets of that series than be a sci-fi Elden Ring or something like that.

Although FromSoft has made hints regarding upcoming material, it does make sense that DLC should be coming, given the level of popularity Elden Ring has achieved. Elden Ring 2 also appears to be a foregone conclusion, even though it will probably not be announced for many years.

This is a remarkable accomplishment from FromSoftware, a studio that has undoubtedly already earned a significant megahit.

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