Eko Bridge Accident: 2 Killed And 5 Injured In Multiple Auto Crash

On Wednesday, 09th August 2023, a quite frightening road accident took place which left everyone in a deep shock. Yes, you heard right, recently a dreadful road tragedy left an entire Eko bridge shocked. Due to an accident 5 left departed and 2 got extremely injured in a certain manner. As soon as the incident occurred the emergency services were called by the witness so that, the circumstances can come into control, but as soon as they reached there they got shocked to see the circumstance. So in the information given below, you can explore more.

Eko Bridge Accident

Eko Bridge Accident Update

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the tragedy became the cause of 5 deaths and the rest of the injured had been transported to the nearest general hospital for treatment due to their serious health as they has sustained injuries on their head and spin code which were making the weak and senseless thus, the medical them asked a specialist to involve in the case while treating the injured ones so that, they can recover soon and come back to their normal routine in a certain manner they expected.

According to preliminary investigation, the laden ‘MAC’ truck extent on a top velocity crashed with 5 other confidential automobiles containing a commercial mini bus (Korope) as a consequence of brakes failure. “The six automobiles implicated in the fatal mishap include an entirely loaded truck (T-150 IL), Lexus Jeep (LSP 795 EW), Toyota Camry (AKD 606 HH), Toyota (LND 217 GX), Mini-bus (FKJ 77 YG) and (LSR 952 HZ)”. Even, the probe has been registered against the truck driver because he had overloaded the truck in a certain manner which was showing that anything can take place at any time. 

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Besides all these, no footage of the accident can show something because no CCTV or any surveillance gadget was placed there and thus, no one knows the intensity of the case but the circumstances and the broken things were speaking out everything that how worst the incident was which left the parts of affected vehicles separated as there were mirror pieces on the entire bridge because of which, the concerned authorities had to close the bridge.

On social networking sites, uncounted reactions are taking place too where thousands of people are advising the truck drivers to load the vehicle under the range or its capability because overloading anything can be bad as took place. In short, access to everything is bad as has been proven by the accident in a certain manner. So we have dropped the information here and when something will take place ahead we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.

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