EA’s Dead Space Remake Receives High Praise from Glen Scofield

Glen Scofield, director of the original Dead Space and co-creator of Callisto Protocol, has congratulated EA Motive for their faithful remake of the game. Visceral Games’ former VP/GM responded to his daughter’s LinkedIn post promoting the Dead Space remake (thanks VGC).

“While it’s a strange, bittersweet moment, I am happy to see new fans and old share their love for Dead Space. It will always be a core memory for me”,  Environment artist on The Callisto Protocol, Nicole Scofield, shared her thoughts on the professional networking site.

“The original Dead Space came out in 2008 and was unfortunately seen as unsuccessful due to sales. Years later it has amassed a following of loyal horror and sci-if fans alike. This is not a unsuccessful game, this was a triumphant win for sci-fi horror genre. Shout out to Motive Studio for their amazing remake. For those on the original, EA Redwood Shores/ Viseral, congrats as well.” “Make Us Whole.”

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EA's Dead Space Remake Receives High Praise from Glen Scofield
EA’s Dead Space Remake Receives High Praise from Glen Scofield

In his response, Glen Scofield expressed his appreciation to both the original Dead Space crew and EA Motive, the statement as follows:

“To all of you who worked on the original, thank you for your contributions to an amazing game”, the now-CEO of Striking Distance Studios wrote. “It has withstood the test of time. And to Motive, thank you for your care in remaking the game faithfully. Congratulations.”

The Callisto Protocol was out in December of last year, and many people saw it as the sequel to Dead Space. On the other hand, EA’s Dead Space remake was released late last month. There are some obvious distinctions, too, such as The Callisto Protocol’s emphasis on melee combat, dodging, loot variety, and stealth features.

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Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol are both out today for the PC, Xbox One, and PS5 (The Callisto Protocol is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

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