Dying Light 2 Director Discusses Nighttime and Parkour Improvements

The 2023 plan for Dying Light 2 was recently made public by the game’s creator Techland, and it includes significant changes to the combat system’s physicality, the nighttime experience’s rhythm, and the game’s parkour flow.

These are all significant adjustments to the gameplay systems, and Dying Light 2 DLC 2 will build on these adjustments with an open-world game centered on the infected.

While the Dying Light 2 franchise director Tymon Smektala was recently interviewed, the better parkour and nighttime experiences seemed promising. The conversation covered a lot of the changes coming in the new year.

The Nighttime Experience in Dying Light 2 Will Become ‘Scarier’

The nighttime adjustments in Dying Light 2 are intended to increase players’ feelings of dread and atmospheric tension. Techland has the plan to recreate the terror and suspense that characterized the first Dying Light’s midnight experience.

Dying Light 2
                                                                       Dying Light 2

The main addition to that is the reappearance of the wandering volatiles from the original Dying Light, and their reappearance necessitates significant adjustments to some street and rooftop aspects.

According to Smektala,

“What players can expect is the ability to dive deep into the streets of infected, but still be able to walk and sneak through if they are agile enough.”

The volatiles will be prowling the streets and scanning every corner at the same time, heightening the tension. These returning volatiles will have some changes. They won’t exactly resemble the monsters from the original game, but they’ll still be just as dangerous.

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Parkour in Dying Light 2 Will Be More ‘Grounded’

While Smektala thinks Techland succeeded in making Dying Light 2’s parkour more approachable at launch, he also noted that the studio lost some realistic features and realism people appreciated in the first game.

Dying Light 2
                                                                   Dying Light 2

If you started the series with Dying Light 2, Smektala continued,

“if you started playing the series with Dying Light 2, it would be very hard to get back to the parkour of the first game.” 

Although it appears straightforward on paper, the situation is significantly more complicated in practice.

The parkour system took years to develop, and there is still much work to bring these changes to practically every aspect of the game, including programming, animation, physics simulation, level design, geometry, and more.

The sequel to Dying Light is currently accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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