Dune 2 Release Date – Scheduled for Later This Fall!

In November, Dune 2 will take us back to Arrakis to finish the epic story that Denis Villeneuve started in the first film.

We’re still waiting for the first trailer or even any footage from the eagerly awaited sequel, but a new behind-the-scenes photo from Timothée Chalamet shows that filming ended in December 2022, which gives us hope that everything is on track.

He’s not the only cast member to give us a look at filming. In November 2022, Zendaya gave us a spectacular look behind the scenes of filming to get people excited about the movie’s release. The first movie was a huge hit, so it doesn’t need to be hyped up.

Do you know that the release date for “Evil Dead Rise” is now out! The American horror movie Evil Dead Rise, which comes out in 2023, was written and directed by Lee Cronin. This is the fifth film in the Evil Dead series:

Denis Villeneuve’s decision to split Frank Herbert’s book into two parts was a good one. Part One ended on a huge cliffhanger, so we’re all glad a second movie is coming to finish the story.

Villeneuve is even thinking about making a trilogy by adapting Herbert’s Dune Messiah for the third movie, but that will probably depend on how well the second movie does at the box office. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s everything you need to know about the release date of Dune Part Two.

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When Will Dune 2 Come Out?

Dune: Part Two will now come out in theaters on November 3, 2023. This is after a few changes to the date. It was supposed to come out on October 20, 2023, but Warner Bros. moved it back to November 17, 2023, and then moved it forward to where it is now. Let’s hope that the release date stays the same, but things can always change.

Unlike the first movie, which came out in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day, it’s likely that the sequel will only be shown in theaters in the US. It won’t be available to stream on the same day. The second movie started filming on July 18, 2022, in Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, and Italy, among other places.

As was said above, filming was done in December 2022, if there were no reshoots. As long as filming doesn’t take longer than planned, we all hope to go back to Arrakis in November 2023 as planned.

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