Was Dulce Alavez Found Yet? Missing Update 2023

In this article, we are going to talk about the Dulce Alavez missing case. A girl named Dulce has been missing for the past few years now. The news of this missing case is currently viral in the media. She has been missing for the past 4 years. Now suddenly after 4 years, the news of this case has come in the spotlight. Somehow people are very interested to know about this missing case. people are excited to know about Dulce’s Missing update. Now we are going to learn if she found it yet or not. Is she alive or dead? Now read this article to know everything.

Dulce Alavez
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A girl named Dulce Alavez went missing 4 years ago. She went missing on 16th September 2019, Saturday from Bridgeton, New Jersey Park. It has been reported that the girl was playing with her younger brother who was just three years old at that time and Dulce was just five years old at the time of her disappearance. At the time of her disappearance, their mother was waiting for them near the car. According to the source, the girl was abducted. When she wasn’t at the location her mother started looking for her near the park but she wasn’t present at the location.

Dulce Alavez Missing Update 2023: Is The Girl Has Been Found Yet Or Not?

In 2019, when the girl went missing so from then the family of the missing started looking for her. The family also filed a report of their missing daughter to police and police officers immediately started looking for Dulce. According to the reports, till now the girl hasn’t been found yet. Till now it is not known where is Dulce Alavez. Family and authorities are still looking for her. It looks like she became the victim of human trafficking. Continue reading.

Dulce Alavez Dead Or Alive 2023

Multiple agencies are investigating this case. The agencies involve the Bridgeton Police Department, MCMEC, and the New Jersey State Police. Authorities have received thousands of tips regarding this case but till now she hasn’t been discovered. There is no clue about her till now because of that it is not disclosed whether is she alive or not. Dulce’s full name was Dulce Maria Alavez. If she had been with her family she would celebrate her 9th birthday on 25th April this year. We wish that she is alive and safe. And she came back home soon.