DSP Mutual Fund launches DSP Gold ETF Fund of Fund

Breaking News: The DSP Mutual Fund has officially launched the DSP Gold ETF Fund of Fund. It is an open-ended scheme that allows investors to invest in gold exactly like a mutual fund scheme. This is the fund that offers investors and advantage of owning the gold in the digital form as in that it needs the demat account. This is the biggest great news for the investors. The New Fund Offer for the DSP Gold ETF Fund of Fund whose subscription started today. Now to learn everything about this case, read this article till the end.

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On 3rd November 2023, Friday, the DSP Mutual Fund officially announced the launch of the DSP Gold ETF Fund Fund, it is a new scheme which is an open-ended Fund of Fund scheme investing in the DSP gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). This is a completely new scheme that conveniently offers investors so that they can invest in gold which is similar to a mutual fund scheme, if we compare it to the physical old it gives you the freedom to trade very easily. Now it is very important to learn about the date of subscription. so to learn about the dates look at the next paragraph of this article.

According to the source, the New Fund Offer for the DSP Gold ETF Fund of Fund has been opened from 3rd November 2023, Friday and it is going to remain open till 10th November 2023. The CFA, Head-Passive Investments & Products, DSP Mutual Fund, Anil Ghelani has recently said that gold is a very good addition to the typical type of equity-debt-heavy portfolio because of the low correlation to the asset classes. This new scheme launched by the DSP has a structure that represents a convenient way to clarify your portfolio and also accumulate gold.

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At this time gold is in the spotlight because gold liquidity is drying up and it has increased the demand from the central banks as now it is combined with the supply of the metal remaining stagnant. A lot of people love to invest in gold but the new digital scheme of investing in digital gold by DSP is very great because it is very safe with the new generation. The gold investments are mostly done at the time when there is a weakness in the dollar. Gold has a history of high and low in the market as it correlates with equity it makes a very good option to diversify from equity.

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