Fact check: Does Dr Trisha Stratford have cancer? MAFS relationship expert dies aged 72

As we all have got to know the latest sad news is that the well-respected Dr. Trisha Stratford died. Since this news has gone viral people have started paying tribute to her. The famous Australian star Mel Schilling wrote a very heartwrenching tribute message regarding the passing of Trisha. Trisha was a great soul and an expert in relationships. She was a great relationship advisor and because of her many couples are living in very successful relationship life now. Now read the entire article to know about the tribute message for Trisha from Mel Schilling.

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Does Dr Trisha Stratford have cancer?

Dr. Trisha Stratford was a successful doctor. She was a neuropsychologist. She had a specialization in the neuroscience of relationships. She was also a great relationship expert at the famous reality program Married At First Sight (MAFS). She worked in that show for seven seasons then in 2020 she officially announced her departure from the show. She didn’t reveal the reason behind her departure from the show. She has made a life of many couples. Trisha was born in Wellington in 1951.

Dr. Trisha Stratford’s death news is shared by her Married At First Sight colleague John Aiken. He shared this news on his official Instagram handle. You can search his Instagram account as @johnaikenlive. He shared the news of Trisha with a very heavy heart. He said that she loved New Zealand, relationships, Black Caps, and French WIne, And she also used to love traveling the whole world. He is going to miss Tish (Trisha Stratford). He has thanked her for all the beautiful memories.

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Regarding the death of Dr. Trisha Stratford, many people are paying tribute to her. And the well-known personality, the expert in Married At First Sight UK, Mel Schilling said, She is very sad to hear the news of Trisha Stratford’s death. She was an MAFS pioneer. The first individual to introduce neuroscience to the experiment which is not to mention her illustrious career as a researcher and academic. She further added that Trisha taught Mel a lot about neuroscience. She also teaches her about the sense of attraction and the interplay between our behavior and our brain. She knows that she spent the final years of her life with her Great love and she is happy to know she was surrounded by a lot of love and support. May her soul Rest in Peace.

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