Fact Check: Is Dr Pepper Andrew Jimenez alive or dead? How Did College Footballer Die?

Just a while ago, a story broke out that Andrew Jimenez of the Sandhills Community College has passed away. This news abruptly created a stir in the community as this news surfaced in a poignant turn of events. Since the news broke out that Andrew Jimenez had left this world, it has been trending on the internet turning heads. Meanwhile, people have been eager to read the official obituary of Andrew Jimenez. While some went on to question what happened to Andrew Jimenez and how he died. In the following sections, we have pondered all the questions and speculations related to Andrew Jimenez’s death claims. Thus, we suggest you stick with this column and keep reading it. Kindly drag down the page and learn more.

Dr Pepper Andrew Jimenez

Fact Check: Is Dr Pepper Andrew Jimenez alive or dead?

Before shedding light on Andrew Jimenez’s emerging death story and trending obituary, we would like to tell you who he is. Andrew Jimenez hails from Sandhills Community College. He earned a coveted scholarship because of his exceptional football prowess. Most recently, Andrew Jimenez won $100K at the SEC Championship. He is the president of the SGA, who competed to win Dr. Pepper’s $100K tuition giveaway. He came to prominence when he won a scholarship of $100K on Saturday, December 2, 2023, i.e. yesterday.

Andrew T. Kegley congratulated him after his win at the championship, he wrote, “So happy for Andrew Jimenez a local kid who just won the 100k scholarship from DR.Pepper! I have volunteered with this young fellow several times for Back Pack Pals at the Food Bank. The most down-to-earth young man, who has lost both of his parents. But watch God bless this kid, he plans to attend UNC after Sandhills Community College. Way to go, Andrew, proud of you sir!” Continue reading this article to know if he is alive or not.

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We completely debunk the ongoing news of Andrew Jimenez’s demise. It is shocking to hear that Andrew Jimenez who just recently earned a Dr. Pepper scholarship of $100K, became the victim of an internet death hoax. It is bogus to believe that Andrew Jimenez has passed away. He is alive and doing very well in his life. Instead of encouraging him to achieve more achievements and a better future, some perpetrators viral his fake obituary in the wake of views and a few dollars. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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