Donald Trump’s plans if he returns to the White House include deportation raids

Recently, Donald Trump has shared his plans. He has shared his plans regarding if he returns to the White House which include separation raids, mass firing, and tariffs. There is very little time at the start of the election 2024. Now the ex-president of the US, Donald Trump is dominating the race for the Republican nomination and he has already laid out a sweeping set of policy goals that should turn into a win in the second term. His plans include mass deportation operations it is a new Muslim ban and tariffs on all imported goods. Now to learn everything about his plans read this article till the end.

Donald Trump

Most of the presidential campaign of 2024 has been officially dominated by the myriad investigations into the former president of the US Donald Trump and there are subsequent charges against him. In just less than a year till the election day, he is trying to dominate the race for the Republican party nomination and now he has already laid out a sweeping set of policy goals so that he can win and return to the White House. Now he has an idea of the mass deportation operation. It is an operation for the new Muslim ban. Tariffs on all the imported goods and freedom cities built on some federal land.

The ideas and the issues of Donald Trump are widely focused and are hilariously different from the President of the US Joe Biden. Trump has said that if he won he has planned to represt the dramatic government which is more consequential than its first term. The presidency of Donald Trump these days is marked by chaos and the wave of impatiently written orders that are overturned by the courts. The current idea is to end up in the court or be impeded by Congress.

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The campaign of Donald Trump and allied groups are assembling the books of the police which have a clear and detailed plan. He has a big agenda which is Dismantling the Deep State, He is going to try to strip tens of thousands of career employees of the civil service protections. His next agenda is the U.S.-Mexico Border. He has officially pledged to make a stop to the invasion of the southern border and to make a permanent stop to illegal immigration. He has some more agendas such as Energy, Education, Transgenders Rights, Foreign Police, Trade, Homelessness, and Public Safety.

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