Zimbabwean Doctor Mthabisi Nembaware Dies Waiting For Ambulance

People of Zimbabwe have been angered after a doctor died in wait of ambulance. Widespread outrage has sparked among people from all walks of life in Zimbabwe following the demise of Mthabisi Nembaware. Doctor Nembaware lost his life while waiting for an ambulance to be airlifted to a hospital. Since Mthabisi Nembaware was pronounced dead, people have been extending their condolences and thoughts to the family members and friends of Mthabisi Nembaware. While some are keen to know what happened to Mthabisi Nembaware? According to the source, Doctor Nembaware was involved in an accident. Yes, you heard it right, Dr. M. T. Nembaware died following a horrible crash. To know the circumstances surrounding the accident of Mthabisi Nembaware, you need to go through the following sections. Scroll down.

Mthabisi Nembaware

What Happened To Mthabisi Nembaware?

Dr. Mthabisi Nembaware was serving at a rural hospital in Hauna. He met a tragic car accident while heading toward Mutare. Reportedly, he sustained severe injury to his head. His traumatic brain injury could not be treated at the hospital where he was taken first. However, the doctor was stabilized at Mutare Hospital which lacked of functional ICU department and ambulance service. However, the doctor needed to be transferred to a hospital in Harare for special treatment. The doctor was struggling with traumatic brain injury while lying on a stretcher and waiting for an air ambulance to be airlifted. Sadly, doctor Nembaware handed off life in the hope he would be airlifted to Harare hospital.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono expressed his sorrow over Mthabisi Nembaware’s tragic death and anger at what happened with Mthabisi Nembaware. He said, “Despite parading the overpriced so-called helicopter ambulance, the State couldn’t airlift him to Harare. His family put together US$5,000 to airlift him using a private ambulance air service. But sadly the air ambulance plane couldn’t go because Mutare airport doesn’t have working landing lights.”

Doctor Mthabisi Nembaware lost his life at 11 p.m. last night after succumbing to his traumatic brain injury. Following his demise, Mandara Seventh-Day Adventist Church shared an extensive note that says we recognize that the loss of Dr. Nembaware is deeply felt not only by his family but also by our church community. We are here to offer our support, love, and prayers as we navigate through this period of mourning. As Dr. Nembaware was cut short of life in an unfortunate way, we also send our sincerest thoughts to his family during this time.

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